Countdown to Festival

October 21, 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada

Official Afterparty

After Party Web 2


It’s going to be difficult to match the variety of beers available at DBF when it’s all over, unless you head down to PKWY Tavern, that is. With more than 250 beers on tap, PKWY Tavern will help you through the post-festival need for huge diversity in the beer department. The best part? They’ll give you a ride there.
Here’s the best way to take advantage:
Step 1: Download the PKWY Team App and enter the code PKWYCARES.
Step 2: Meet at PKWY Tavern to catch the free shuttle to DBF. 
Step 3: Have an incredible time at DBF (obviously).
Step 4: Hop on the shuttle back to PKWY Tavern and enjoy the rest of the night with more than 250 beers to choose from.
For directions to PKWY Tavern, click here.